Ryugakubo Pond has been formed by the flow of a large quantity of groundwater. Around the pond there is a rich variety of forest fauna and pristine natural environment, and because of this it was designated as a nature conservation area by Niigata prefecture in 1974, and has been carefully looked after ever since.

Just a one minute walk from the car park there is a place where you can drink the spring water. The water is free of charge though there is a donation box there where it is possible to contribute to the future environmental protection of the pond. The money collected is used for environmental conservation at Ryugakubo.


The pond runs south west to north east. It measure 220 meters in length, 70 meters in width and ranges from 1.5 to 2 meters deep, covering a total area of 11,900㎡

Quantity of Water

30 tons per minute and 43,000 tons a day. The 1.2 ha pond is completely refilled in a day, and as a result is clear and clean with no turbidity.

Water Quality

The water temperature is at its lowest close to the spring source at around 6.5 to 6.9 degrees, and reaches 11 degrees on the surface at the center of the pond.



Add6217 Yachi, Tsunan machi, Nakauonuma-gun, Niigata, 929-8204
PricingLarge vehicles or minibus: 500 yen, Car: 200 yen, Motorbike: 100 yen
Closed in winter


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