Tsunan Midama Park

This is one of the best viewing points in Tsunan to observe the columnar joint cliffs on the opposite bank of the Nakatsu River. There is a pond, trees and flowers that change with the seasons as well as truly stunning views of the cliffs on the left bank of the Nakatsu River. There is also a walking path in the park so it is a lovely place for an easy stroll. A couple of decades ago the park was fields and forests but the residents of Midama hamlet started to cut the trees down and tend the grass and the area turned into a park.

[Columnar Joints]

These are regular cracks that are formed as lava cools and hardens. It looks like there are many columns standing together. Many of the cross sections are hexagonal in shape.

[Dropping Stones]

Sometimes the columnar joints collapse causing a certain rattling sound like stone being dropped so it has now been named this.


Tsunan Midama Park

AddMidama shuraku, Tsunan-machi, Nakauonuma-gun, Niigata, 949-8313
Closed in winter


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