Sarutobi Bridge

The Sarutobi (Monkey Jump) Bridge which was viewed by the local writer Suzuki Bokushi (who published a famous book about the region in the 1830s) can still be seen today. The bridge connects Route 405 to the hamlet of Sakasamaki across the narrowest cliffs flanking the Nakatsu River, and with its beautiful scenery it has been selected as one of the top 50 bridges in Niigata. In his book ‘Journey to Akiyama’, the Edo period writer Suzuki Bokushi introduces it in the following passage:

“Looking up, the rocks tower above, and looking down the deep, indigo-colored water flows. At a narrow point between the two cliffs two long trees have been laid, and across these wood has been assembled. The bridge bends in the middle which makes you feel uneasy. I lay flat and crawled to the center of the bridge, and finally in a cold sweat I reached the other side.
The scenery from both cliffs cannot be captured by my brush. The shapely trees are wonderful, as are the impressive rocks. Your eye is captured looking both upstream or downstream, and no matter how long you look you would never get tired of it.”


Sarutobi Bridge

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