Maekura Bridge


This red arch bridge blends into the surrounding nature as it spans the cliffs that have stood there since time immemorial. It really shows off its beauty during the fall colors season, and for its lovely appearance has been designated as one of the top 50 bridges in Niigata.

In his book ‘Journey to Akiyama’ the Edo period writer Suzuki Bokushi introduces it in the following passage:
“Coming to the side of the bridge stood a large rock like a folding screen with a ladder over three meters hanging straight off. Looking down on the bridge it was just two long trunks spanning the rocks on each side with just a few branches here and there. The slope on the opposite bank leading to Nakanohira village stood like a wall. What seemed to be the path up the bank had a rope of woven vines hanging down it. When I lowered my head I could see the bottom of the valley far below, and the river water flows as if under a folded screen, the water color is indigo and moves in large quantities.


Maekura Bridge

AddOakazawa, Tsunan-machi, Nakauonuma-gun, Niigata, 949-8317 (Heike Chaya: Oakazawatei 74, Tsunan-machi)


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